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Nixie tube clock radio

Nixie tubes are essentially neon lights with 10 or more individual elements each shaped like a number, letter symbol or segment stacked front to back inside the tube. A wide variety of nixie clock options are available to you, such as digital, quartz analog, and mechanical. Retail and wholesale to worldwide. Nixie Tubes and Display Tubes. Nixie Tube Radio - YouTube www. 602-227-8224. PVE Electronics #1 in Nixie Clocks! Nixie Tube Clock Kits QTC+ Range. Nixie Clock shows current 24 hour time, Nixie Clock includes a streaming audio alarm, Nixie Clock has a sleep setting that turns off streaming after up to 9 hours 59 minutes, Nixie Clock digit display is inspired by the fluorescent Nixie tubes of the 1950's, Nixie clock streams in the background on iOS devices that support multi-tasking, Nixie Then I came across Mike's Electric Stuff and saw his Nixie Clock. This project was created on 11/02/2018 and last updated 2 months ago. nixie tubes for sale,nixie tube alarm clock,clock kit,nixie tube clock diy,vacuum tube clock kit,nixie watch for sale semyzhon 5 out of 5 stars (106) CA$ 318. The app runs flawlessly on Android 2. The clock, controlled by a PIC18F4420, receives time signals from the GPS system and displays the time with six Nixie tubes. Jeco Clock. Nixie Tube information courtesy NixieClock. Shipping for CRTs is $15US (US/Canada) per order. On the output of the hour counters is a NAND gate connected, one input to the 4 (hours) and the other one to the 20. Afaik, the power supply is a boost converter that uses a Mosfet and Inductor to raise the voltage to ~180V. Departures worldwide. Almost instantly I fell in love with nixies then I had the idea of building a nixie clock and this project was the result. Fortunately, not all nixie tube clocks are implemented the same. 1". 00. I'm a bit late on responding, sorry. e. I stumbled across this Nixie tube clock on Ebay (item 180391884212). FC's Circuit Archive contains many electronic circuits that I have designed and documented. Nixie Clock Kit, 4 digit, ZM1336K tubes: 07. Build a Clock With Lixies, the Nixie-⁠Tube Lookalike New Life For Nixies Photo: Dalibor Farny Nixies Reborn: This clock features modern-day Nixie tubes made by Dalibor Farny. Nixie Clock Kits shipped worldwide to over 60 countries. There is just something about the glow of neon in a glass tube that makes a nixie clock so unique. We are experiencing issues that prevent checkout in Internet Explorer 8. Zen Nixie Clock is our first 6-tube clock designed using R|Z568M nixie tubes from our production. Thanks for lookingI will ship Radio, Electronics and Computing Projects by Hans Summers. 5 étoiles sur 5 (88) 147,41 GPS automatically syncs time via satellite radio time. The housing of the clock has the design of a very big tube - maybe the biggest tube in the world. eBay: nixie tubes nixie tube clock kit nixie clock kit nixt clock. Because it is a familiar device to design engineers the Nixie tube continues to be sold in large numbers. The PCB contains the GPS engine, embedded controller, switching power supplies, as well as sockets for the Nixie Tubes. As much as I like the display portion of this clock, it is worth mentioning the quality of the build. I can't find any good troubleshooting info on the web, so I thought I'd ask you guys. We have a new PRISMA Case for our top-selling QTC Kit: After a break of almost 5 years, we are very happy to announce the return of our Single Digit Nixie Clock Kit! How can the clock display the time with only a single digit? The original goal of this project was to construct a clock using Nixie gas tubes for a display and components found in the physics department electronics lab. Citizen Watch Promaster Sky Eco Drive Gps Satellite Radio Clock F900 Cc9023-13x. A button battery provides back-up power so the clock need not be reset in the event of a power outage (the nixie tube display is, of course, extinguished while external power is absent). And the Nixies are tubes in the tubeWe have a new PRISMA Case for our top-selling QTC Kit: After a break of almost 5 years, we are very happy to announce the return of our Single Digit Nixie Clock Kit! How can the clock display the time with only a single digit?Introduction; Driving the dual anode ZM1030; A mains driven 1 Hz timebase; The complete circuit; One button control; The control program; Download the filesTube Radio policy's Our Policy. Plexiglass Enclosure for K8099 nixie kit Search among more than 1. Ready-made PCBs are available from Gary Kaufman in the USA - please contact him direct at nixie@the-planet. About 41% of these are led displays, 21% are desk & table clocks, and 10% are wall clocks. The Nixie Tube Driver is an easy, open source way to add Nixie Tubes to any project that you are working on, whether that be for a measurement readout or just a retro clock for your desk. NIXIE I NIXIE clock using six ZM1030 tubes. com offers 74 nixie clock products. 6 Digit, Red Filtered, Z57xM Nixie Tube Clock Kit: 05. 62. A Nixie tube is a cold cathode display, used to display numerals using glow discharge. The PCB is self contained and only requires DC power and a GPS antenna connection for a fully function clock. The Norm for a Nixie clock is a small rectangular slab with 6 tubes poking out the top. org. update: the second nixie clock i started is finished! just what is a nixie clock you ask? well there a couple of good examples including a gallery of clocks built by various people, and an on-line (the link has disappeared) clock. NIXIE CLOCK TUBE IN-14 led blue,red,on-off leds Kit with $129. New and NOS (New Old Stock). Hacking a WWVB Radio Controlled Analog Clock movement. www. Include description. Building a nixie clock? Here's the TI TTL Designer's Handbook clock schematic diagram. You may add some "Bells and Whistles", but due to the nature of the circuitry it might be a bit complicated. Indicator assembly. ask. For the most part most Western Countries dropped Nixie Tubes in the Early to Mid 1970s, but the former USSR kept them in production another This tube has been successful because it is reliable and has a long lifetime. Available on eBay, as either a bare printed circuit board (PCB), or with most requisite parts, less the tubes, along with the PCB. I have attempted to include a number of unusual circuits, with an emphasis on useful applications over simple toy circuits. Like many other people that have seen nixie tubes I got drawn towards wanting to have my own nixie tube clock. My Favorite Things About Electric Clocks. Notes on the ready-made PCB. 3 and higher. In my opinion nothing looks like the Nixie tube display except the Nixie tube. ILC1-1/8L Giant Big VFD Display Tube NIXIE CLOCK. The corresponding cathodes of all six nixie tubes are tied together, so turning ON one anode, and one cathode, turns ON only one numeral of one tube, at any one time. I've got a few of these tubes in their original packaging. This R-155A Brusnika Radio Station serves as a good example on how nixie tubes were used in the cold war era. A Nixie tube is an electronic component used to display a fixed set of characters, typically letters or numbers. The kit does not have a surface mounting detail (all SMD components are already installed). Most nixie tube clocks are based on tubes that show numerals. daliborfarny. From W1GFH. Not a stop watch, timer, alarm clock or anything like that. webx. Even has built in wear protection (timed dimming) and wear levelling features to help increase tube longevity. Although it resembles a vacuum tube in appearance, its operation does not depend on thermionic emission of electrons from a heated cathode. As this is a Hobby, Radio items that you may want help with sourceing are done on a request basis. After I'd mucked around with making an overlay and installing it on the front panel, the counter started "double-counting" (it would increment twice in one second -- on the rising and the falling edges of the 1 Hz clock). We do some limited restoration work, and costs vary upon the amount of work needed to get items into functional condition. Nixie Tube Clock With 6x In-14 Unique Vintage Steampunk Watch . Glowing dot indicates Alarm is ON Is there any retro-technologist who doesn't love nixie tubes? . I'm too young to remember this sort of thing in everyday use but I rather like the Hi everybody! I'm fairly new to Arduino, and a couple of months ago at Maker Faire I saw a Nixie tube clock and was completely entranced by it. It is therefore called a cold-cathode tube (a form of gas-filled tube), or a variant of neon lamp. The design for this PCB Written by Hans Summers Saturday, 28 March 2009 08:49 {jumi [*3]} Introduction Z568M Nixie Tubes The Circuit Construction Java Clock Radcom articles, Jan and Mar 2002From Dieter Laues (Germany) : Hello Mike, inspired from your famous nixie clock gallery, I build a nixieclock for myself, called "RTC1", the "Real Tube Clock No. dk Start page OZ2CPU Radioamateur mainpage Homemade Radio Related Stuff Diode Detector coil for RF picup good beginner trick if no other equipment High Altitude Balloon with live APRS tracker, battery heater Cross Band VHF-UHF repeaterCool Clocks I've Built (or collected) Here's another Paragon Ben Franklin clock the story is 100 were made for the BiCentennial in 1976, 95 went to clients and 5 to employees. Pappy's Telechron Page - a great resource for Telechron clock infoThe following pages contain some items from the archives, including a batch of QSL cards from around 1938, some of Dad's radio circuits, and a couple of pieces of equipment. I make no claims for technical accuracy, good design, or necessarily even originality for the contents of these pages. " "Sockets for the Nixie tubes are now standard on the clock. At first I thought of LEDs, but then I discovered the old Nixie tubes which fascinated me, and the idea of the Nixie clock was born. Skip to main content. 3. A separately enclosed WWVB 60Khz receiver serves as the time base for this clock. Nixie Tube Clock is a tribute to the original digital displays, complete with realistic flickering effects that bring you back to the future from the 1950s. A picture of that clock radio graced the landing page of this forum for some time. Wood, steel, acrylic plastic. See my other Nixie clocks. The clock is made using Nixie tubes W e’ve reported before of a clock with Nixie tubes from MB&F’s M. Nixie tube numerals are about2" high Clock works great but is unsettable. Z568M Nixie Tubes. Free dellivery Warranty service Exchange and refund Sale and Bonus IN-14 Nixie Tubes Clock WITH CLEAR ACRYLIC ENCLOSURE+ADAPTER This Nixie clock in clear acrylic case will be perfect for your business style Brand new hand-made and properly assembled in Ukraine by Millclock, it has 4 NOS IN-14 Nixie Based on technology from the 1950s, the Nixie Clock was originally crafted by Alberto Schileo, who found hundreds of old Z568M Nixie tubes in an old Soviet warehouse. From the data sheet: The Radio Shack #276-048 is a cold cathode, side viewing numerical indicator tube. Amazon. Homebrew or restore one. Designed for Nixie tube, VFD tube, Our Vintage Nixie Tube Clock is handcrafted using 4x IN-14 Nixie tubes. The clock counts like a normal European clock i. 2 Apr 2018 Looking for a Nixie tube clock/radio Sets, Parts and Service Information Wanted (private buyers only, no swaps)Old looking radio with modern features and internet connectifity It consist out of an Raspberry PI 2 Model B, Power Supply, Nixie Tube Clock, Radio Receiver, Nixie clock and radio kits. Nixie Tube Clock Custom PCB for Nixie Clock Nixie Clock Project Parts Lessons How to build a Nixie Clock By: Shepherd Darquea Cal Poly Physics Dept. Tube-in-a-Tube Clock No difficult to get driver ICs, high voltage transistors, inductors, or high voltage transformers: a simple, minimal component count, single digit Nixie clock that fits into glass test-tube …Vacuum tubes, sockets, capacitors, nixie and electron tube accessories. Amateur and Short Wave Radio Electronics Experimenter's Web SiteA clock is an instrument used to measure, keep, and indicate time. And he's the real Dekatron expert after much studying/tinkering. com: ART & ARTIFACT Radio Tube Alarm Clock - Modern www. And this model also shows the seconds. Built by yours truly, for a wedding gift commission. Most nixie clocks take a definite shape: a brick for a base and side view tubes mounted vertically on top. The nixie tubes are soldered directly to the top board: they are not socketed. Hours on gas-discharge lamps IN-14,watch case is made of wenge flywheel, brass wax, brass accessories,Features: time, date, alarm clock. The complex knowledge of Nixie clocks and kits. Designed to display the information in the form of numbers from "0" to "9" and the decimal point in each category and a digital sign information in the service category. A Nixie Tube Clock featuring Pandora Internet Radio, based on the Raspberry Pi with a custom designed case, LCD display, WiFi connection, amplifier and Notes on the ready-made PCB. This site is dedicated to the fixing up and restoring old tube radios. 1” or “NIX1”. Great to see all the posts in this nixie clock thread. In-2 nixie tube price is for 1 piece. Nixie tubes are no longer made. Use a web interface for most of the alarm clock configuration and keep manual controls for simple stuff such as stopping the alarm or setting the volume. . Shop with confidence. Dimmer Ver-pluggable-usb Powered Sz-j2qs27-1 6-tube Nixie Clock-nixie Tube Era. TubeClockDB - IN-12 Nixie Clock Kit Nixie-clock using neon lamps as logic elements. " "Chronotronix Nixie Tube Clock - You'd probably expect something with a name like Chronotronix Nixie Tube Clock to be as awesomely badass as its moniker, and in this case you&. AviPeltz liked "Lixie", an LED alternative to the 1N14 Nixie Tube Clock product reviews by real people like you. Nixie Tubes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. Very slick Dalibor. Официальный канал Past Indicator - ламповые часы ручной работы Past Indicator official channel! We produce nixie clocks and other gadgets in Russia since 201 Link to my website: https://www. A. Though some of the electronic Nixie Clock Gallery. After some searching on the web I found the nixie tube I wanted. This kit has been specially designed for creators, artists and designers, who wish to incorporate a Nixie Clock into their designs and products. Nixie tubes are electronic tubes that contain bent cathodes that glow, kind of like neon. Six Digit Nixie Clock IN-14 russian Tubes *MajaRGB*Remote controller Simple schematic and diagram, easy nixie clock. Welcome to my website. com online store which offers cool electronic parts and kits! The kit that immediately caught my eye was the Nixie Tube Clock kit. 12/24 Hour mode. Nixie Tube Clock has been downloaded and set up by over 5K users and its latest update was released on May 31, 2015. Perfect for a Nixie tube clock app or as an added element to any analog/vintage based design. Nixie Tube Stuff I make clocks and a wristwatch using nixie tubes and CRTs. But not Katsushi Matsubayashi’s. 6625-071-3947. This is an enclosure i designed for a Nixie Clock kit i bought on eBay. Nixie clock and radio kits. jgroner has published a guide that shows you how to build your own Pandora’s Clock. 1N14 Nixie Tube Clock product reviews by real people like you. Clock Radio Digital Clocks & Clock Radios. LED BACKLIGHT AND ALARM. Hello World! We want to offer you a kit for assembly of nixie clock on gas-discharge indicators IN-12. Nixie Clock IN-18 tubes NOS Made from Bronze,Aluminium,Brass and Copper Clock key features: Six 40mm high digits (IN-18 Nixie Tubes) Displays modes: Time , Date, 2 Alarm clock sets, Blank, 6 digits info via serial port. 80 Capello Stereo Fm Clock Alarm Radio W Lightning Dock For Iphone 6 6s 7 8 Ipod IN-14 NIXIE TUBE CLOCK ASSEMBLED WITH ENCLOSURE AND ADAPTER 4-tubes by MILLCLOCK - $167. This clock just needs some final tube aligning and some buttons to change the time zone! Great to see all the posts in this nixie clock thread. Each clock is handmade, by me, using exotic hardwoods such as black walnut, and materials such as copper, brass, and steel. 4 Digit, Red Filtered, Z57xM Nixie Tube Clock Kit: 04. Elektor also runs the Elektor. In this clock the E1T is controlled by a moderns PIC microcontroller using a very simple interface. The New Precise Nixie Clock combines modern and legacy technologies. Components. The Retro Futurist Nixie Tube Clock Series is my ongoing project to develop my signature line of nixie tube clocks that are elegant, easy to use, and require no assembly or soldering skills. Nixie Clock Kit. Nuvitron pays homage to Cold War era components by bringing them back in handcrafted wooden enclosures. Though some of the electronicNixie Clock Kits shipped worldwide to over 60 countries. Accurate Quiet Interesting My Favorite Clock sites. History of the Nixie Tube Nixie tubes were originally developed in 1952 by the Haydu brothers for the Burroughs Corporation as the precursor to the computer monitor. One tube of the largest known Nixie type, the Rodan CD47, recently sold for over $1,300 on eBay. Clark, mentioned making a nixie tube clock once, and I have kept this idea on my scratchpad for a while as something I’d like to do. Features include: User selectable 12/24 Hour mode Leading zero blanking Digit cross fade option with adjustable fade duration Date display with adjustable format, duration and display interval The Red Postmodern Nixie Tube Clock Nuvitron presents the Postmodern Nixie Clock: an electronic work of art There is something almost primal about the warm glow from a Nixie tube clock. Product details Nixie Tube Thermometer IN-16 tubes HOME temperature FULL KIT ALL PARTS. . Radio, Electronics and Computing Projects by Hans Summers. In fact, look around at all the schematics for nixie clocks, and you will realize there are more permutations in methodology than there are models of nixie tubes. Seems to keep good time. That is, the finishing touches to make a useful RTC for a clock were left out. TGT Studios Nixie Tube Clock Package includes: 1 - Handmade clock, approximately 11” x 6” x 6”. Design: Nixie Tubes. NET where you can purchase your own clock or clock kit. net is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio). 1: Nixie Clock Radio; Nixie Clock Radio is a touch-based streaming AAC and MP3 radio and alarm-clock for your iPod or iPhone, the only Nixie-inspired streaming clock radio alarm in the App Store. This nixie clock builds upon the methods for coding your own RTC and shows the implementation to make a useful clock. 4. Sven reloaded is a Nixie clock kit based on the beautiful IN-14 or IN-8-2 or Z570M Nixie tubes. Selectable lead zero suppression. Related: tube clock, nixie, nixie clock, 2018 lightbulb, vintage tube, old display, radio numbers vintage, nixy font, steampunk light, tubes font of 10 New images daily Nixie tubes - I have a limited supply of spare GN4, ZM1010 and ZM1020 and many B5870 nixie tubes available for my clock/watch customers. S. A Nixie Tube Clock looks like this in action: If you’re interested in owning your own Nixie Clock , you can either purchase one ready made via this online shop or else purchase a Nixie Clock Kit and put one together yourself. 6 Digit Nixie Tube Clock Controller Chip. Download the setup package of Nixie Tube Clock 1. It is a modular concept and right now I am soldering and resting the NIXIE display. It uses Nixie-tubes for readout. Has an average complexity and is designed for people with experience in soldering through-hole components. You may need to extend the tube connectors, or else it might be hard to see the numbers from an angle. YOU GET *MajaRGB* Remote controler- VIDEO YOUTUBE TESTED JAMIE AND ADAM IN YOUTUBE NIXIE CLOCK OPTION 1. Some even display letters or other special characters. PVE Electronics #1 in Nixie Clocks! NovelLife Elekstube LED Digital Clock,6 Bit RGB Glow Vintage Desk Clock Stopwatch,DIY Nixie Tube Clock Kit Simulation,12 and 24 Hours Display,5V Micro USB Power Jack,Bamboo Dock Here is a rare very large Datum 9520 digital Nixie Tube clock. WWVB Radio Controlled Nixie Tube Clock Here is the original WWVB Radio Controlled Nixie Clock. Quite a number of different variants and models exist, most of them home-made by enthusiasts. Single 10-cathode Nixie Clock. Exquisitely displayed in his custom fabricated, limited edition, aircraft aluminum housing and sold as a kit for home assembly. Only high-quality original parts from authorized dealers. Very similar to the previous clock but uses i2c GPIO port expanders for all the tube outputs, and a GPS instead of a DS1307. 1-16 of 17 results for 3 Stars & Up: "nixie tube clock" Tecsun ICR-100 4-in-1 Pocket FM Radio with ETM Tuning, Digital Recorder, MP3 Player with Built-in Micro SD Remote Clock 100 Alarm Tested Assembled Nixie 6 In-14 Soviet Union Tubes Tube 6 100 Alarm Nixie Soviet Clock Remote Tube Assembled In-14 Tested Union Tubes Nixie Tube Clock 100pcs In-16 Nixie For Clock Clear Glass Ready To Montage Used Tested Tubes 100pcs In-16 - $269. 5122733098. a printboard with the radio part a printboard with the clock part a printboard for the setup switches a printboard or module with the 7-segment LED display a loudspeaker (two of them, if it is a stereo radio clock) You may find all of that munged into one bigger printboard probably. These steampunk nixie tube clocks are handmade to order from black walnut, brass, stainless steel and long-life nixie tubes. All numbers (0-9) lite up and are included. This clock is designed to be easy-to-build, with all usual parts - except the tubes of course, and modular - meaning you can put any kind of Nixie tube on the top "shield" board and completely redesign it's look. Even better, the board features a high power RGB LED backlight behind each tube, for an added edge of extra customizability. apple dumpling. IN-14 Nixie Tubes Clock Shield for Arduino UNO/Genuino & Arduino MEGA - NCS314 Note: UPS Express delivery is highly recommended. We want to offer you a kit for assembly of nixie clock on gas-discharge indicators IN-12. Only at eHam. 4 Digit Nixie Tube Clock Controller Chip: 03. The microcontroller is an ATMega328, with a Maxim DS3231 real time From the Nixie Tube Wikipedium. with news, information and resources. 40-pin DIP IC. May 31, 2012 . u. A work of art. The rest of the circuitry is on the bottom board. Selectable digit cross-fade. A Zen Nixie Clock is an original crafted to order by hand with exquisite attention to detail. And build a WWVB Radio Controlled Nixie Clock! A common example of the Radio Clock movement is designed and manufactured by Quartex Inc, and rebranded for their distributor: Atomix. During this development, many wishes of customers and the experiences of the previous clock "Manuela" were taken into account, for example the dual board design with interchangeable tube board for compatibility between the tube types. However most items are in good condition as i wouldn't want to sell anything i would not like to receive myself See complete description Alibaba. I've decided to make a nixie tube clock with IN 14 tubes or IN 12 (still deciding on which one I should use). My first Nixie clock kit was a limited production, now sold-out. Programmable Alarm. I always liked tube radios and when I was younger, I repaired T. Clock 2: Four tube nixie clock. The kit comes complete with everything you need to build your very own nixie tube clock, inlacing components and schematic, Cool Technology Gadgets: old russian tube lights, i like it. The tube is a type Z568M, that had been manufactured in East Germany. Enjoy the simple but mesmerizing display of time while at your desk or docked on your nightstand. I also added an optional relay to turn off the tubes when a 12 volt DC control signal voltage is not present. If you are able to make your own circuit board, I can still supply the programmed PIC microcontroller and most other parts. "Glass Nixie Tube Clock - Large size version with tube sockets" "Our nixie tube clocks feature the distinctive warm glow of retro nixie tubes, and are handmade to order by expert craftsmen. An Online nixie Clock . This clock, like many desk clocks, derives its timekeeping from the 60 Hz power line. 20 This is the IN-12 Nixie Tubes Clock DIY KIT. Официальный канал Past Indicator - ламповые часы ручной работы Past Indicator official channel! We produce nixie clocks and other gadgets in Russia since 201 Nixie Clock Using ZM1030 Tubes This clock used the dual anode biquinary tubes similar to my B5025 Peter's Nixie Clock Page This is a page from Europe showing construction of a Nixie clock using only decade counter chips, no computer programmed software involved. The voltages to operate Nixie tubes are provided by circuits called drivers. Giving Nixies a new lease of life The Nixie tube clock kit is the flagship model that displays the hours, minutes, and seconds on six tubes mounted on a Plexiglas case. Finally, a nixie clock that is attractive and affordable. Prices on tubes, sockets, transformers and everything else is pretty steep due to their rarity on the exotic tubes and demand. The enclosure base is finished walnut. Took me three years! /Projects/Warm Tube Clock v1 - Nixie Clock. nixie tube clock radio My teacher, Mr. oldfashioneddevices $109. Prior to CMOS "clock on a chip", I also remember a few related 7400 TTL logic chips – 7441 BCD to decimal (for use with Nixie tubes) and 7447 BCD to 7 segment (for use with LED or LCD 7-segment displays). 8 digits Nixie Clock/Counter. The technologies at least date to the same era. Categories. A collection of nixie clocks, based both on my design and many others. The kit will drive al Fast forward twelve years, and I had just acquired an old tube radio, a Philco 42-323 manufactured in late 1941. Hi, I am designing the NIXIE display FM Radio with Clock/Alarm capabilities. Shown below, is a top view of the Nixie Tube Clock PCB. I recently built a rubidium "atomic" nixie clock. If you've come to this page from a web search or link and don't have a clue what a nixie tube is, Go here for more info! If you have built a nixie clock, send me a picture! Also check out Westdave's huge nixie clock collection. If you've wanted a nixie clock but have been put off by the high price, this is your chance to get the timekeeper that you know you'll love. The tubes were manufactured decades ago in the former Soviet Union with the intention of being used in military equipment for purposes that are probably best left unsaid. 2 The original goal of this project was to construct a clock using Nixie gas tubes for a display and components found in the physics department electronics lab. Another fellow employee built a Nixie tube clock, but it used a 3-foot long glass PENDULUM as the rate determining device. Tungsten Customs is no stranger to such clocks, but its latest product uses nixie tubes to create an analog-style digital clock. Whilst this was certainly possible, It was never easy, and made it uncomfortable to give a Nixe Clock as a gift in case a tube ever failed. A Nixie Clock Project Bringing Past Technology Back to Life By Steve Dryja I am an Amateur Radio Operator (Ham) and we use Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in our logs. Hardware. Nixie Tube Clock Kits - Nixie Tube Clock Kits, Cases For Clocks, Components, Radio Time Modules, Power Supplies and Accessories, Hardware, Large Tube Nixie Clock Kits, Nixie Tube Clock Kits QTC+ Range, Nixie Tubes and Display Tubes, WINTER DEALS, Clearance Corner, SN Class Nixie Clocks, ELITE Class Nixie Clock Kits, Gift and Customizing NEW!!, Unless you were a computer scientist in the 1950s, you might not know about Nixie tubes (aka cold cathode displays). Includes National Nixie NE50347. It was ok for several days, but then started shutting down every few hours. With four Soviet era IN-14 nixie tubes and a see-through acrylic base, this clock looks great in your office, bedroom or kitchen. When the clock goes to 2400 then the 24 makes the pin 8 of the NAND gate low. The IN-12 was originally used in russian multimeters, radios, frequency counters. I recommend that you do the design and put it on a breadboard to make sure things work the way you thought they would. The In-14 Nixie Tube Clock Assembled With Adapter 6-tubes Wout Enclosure Retro Capello Stereo - $48. Find great deals on eBay for nixie tube clock and nixie tube clock kit. The New Precise Nixie Clock combines modern and legacy technologies. This code could easily be recycled into any number of clock projects with LED, LCD, OLED, displays too. Most designs are based on a real-time clock, synchronized via radio time servers or GPS. Designed with animation and functionality in mind. Fully built, pre-assembled or DIY kits for electronic enthuisiasts. It is a remake of the November 2014 Precise Nixie Clock. They're essentially neon numeric displays housed in a vacuum tube-like One of my most prized possessions when I was younger was a Hewlet Packard voltmeter with a Nixie display. The PIC 16F84A outputs 10 signals for each cathode of a single nixie, and flashes the digits instead of using the four indicators. DIY KIT NIXIE Tubes Clock Arduino Shield NCS314 on IN-14 Nixie Tubes[WITH TUBES] - EUR 96,11. Radio amateur OZ2CPU mainpage links to ALL the good stuff Homemade Electronics Nixie tube clocks - IR - EPROM - Counters - Chargers - and much more Digital Wattmeter Project NEW SOFTWARE AVAILABLE Six Digit Nixie Clock kit. AMECO AC-1-- With a 6V6. NIXIE TUBE CLOCK IN-14 Vintage Re from the mahave of mahogany wenge, - $163. 6 chiffres RVB VFD Tube radio-réveil, étui personnalisé WoodysWoodWorks 5 étoiles sur 5 (303) 90,24 € IN-14 Nixie tube Clock assembled with wooden and milk acrylic ENCLOSURE and adapter 6-tubes by MILLCLOCK Millclock 4. And Sal's built many more clocks than he's posted images of here. Owing a lot to the hobbyist collectors that represent a very live community with lots of information I settled on a Phillips B2X80U. Shipping for nixie tubes is $10US (US/Canada) per order. Straight from the Soviet army science lab to your home: The Vintage Nixie Tube Clock. Siberian-shop : Nixie - High-End tubes Manuals & Books Magic Eye tubes Capacitors Chips \ ICs \ CPUs Nixie Sockets Numitron tubes Vintage electronic Rare\vintage tubes Power tubes Dekatron Counting tubes HAM Radio power tubes Tungsram tubes Tesla tubes RFT tubes POLAM tubes TALAM\UNITRA tubes wholesale offers Sale! nixie clock kit, nixie clocks Quality product. Retro-fit old radios with Nixie display tubes, or design your own retro or modern creation. A Single Digit NIXIE clock for my Son Geert A simple NIXIE clock with fading digit and ambi-light! The high voltage for the NIXIE tube is directly derived from the mains so be careful! One Digit E1T Clock A simple clock with a remarkable tube. 2. It is a common belief that the term “NIXIE” was derived from Burroughs term “Numeric Indicator eXperimental No. LeapSecond. Visit Cathode corner. Alibaba. Nixie Clock Kit – 6-Digit w/ Dekatron Pendulum (rev C & D) Thank you for your purchase of this nixie clock kit. With brand new, unused Nixie tubes that were rescued from exile in long abandoned basements in Eastern Europe, The Vintage Nixie Tube Clock imparts a Nuvitron design: Nixie Tube Clock, Tube Amp and Wooden Bookshelf speaker using vintage electronics from the Cold War era - Check the coolest retro The Silky Matte Сoal Nixie Tube Clock | Vacuum Tube | Retro Wooden Desk Clock | Nixie Clock - Silky Matte Сoal by OFD. 000. You'll A Nixie Tube Clock featuring Pandora Internet Radio, based on the Raspberry Pi with a custom designed case, LCD display, WiFi connection, amplifier and 13 Jul 201513 Dec 2016With brand new, unused Nixie tubes that were rescued from exile in long abandoned basements in Eastern Europe, The Vintage Nixie Tube Clock imparts a NIXT CLOCK DIY Kit - With Tube and Case IV-11 VFD CLOCK nixie clock Digital LCD Alarm Clock Thermometer Radio Controlled Humidity Time Calendar. Made in USSR. A photodetector sensed the passing of the pendulum, incrementing the clock counters and sending a pulse to a coil to give the pendulum a "kick" to keep it going. This is how it should be. How to power the nixie ? A 170 volt power supply must be applied between the anode of the tube and one of its cathod, to light the corresponding number from 0 to 9. Many nixie clock and other devices made, using this tubes. This is a single-digit nixie clock running a modified program of the single Numitron and VFD clocks. " Here is a picture of my NIXIE tube clock by DIGEEC, and the David forbes and Jeff Thomas Nixie watches. Have you built a nixie clock ? - add it to the Nixie Clock Gallery More info on building nixie clocks, including a seven-segment to nixie converter for modifying LED clocks. The above shows my home-built digital clock. As has been mentioned it's worth saving and buying a set of 6 off EBay - if you design and build your own clock (or whatever you're doing) then it's both unique and an investment. Daher sind wir bestrebt toll klingende, innovative Hifi Komponenten zu äußerst günstigen Konditionen anzubieten. Details about NIXIE Tubes Steampunk Desktop Alarm Clock Handmade Vintage Retro Fallout Gift. division, but it was a limited edition with a price tag akin to a well-equipped Toyota. The ETA Nixie clock is programmed to display the normal time and up to ten different ETA times that are easy to identify and visually stimulating. CROSA Pendulum clock. Radio Time Modules. i bought a nixie clock a few months ago and it worked fine until I reset clock for DST recently. Nixes were even made with some radio active stuff inside that gave them a kick in the dark and got them to light up. Either way, this site isn't intended to chronicle the history and development of the nixie tube, rather the continued use of these tubes. 85 Free shipping Favourite NIXIE TUBE CLOCK KIT on IN-12 - EUR 51,65. September 16, 2013 -Nixie Entertainment System - This clock/raspberry pi game emulation station uses an ArduiNIX and an IN-17 x 4 tube board kit. Nixie tube & driver sources and data Nixie clock emulator for Windows Nixie clock article in IEEE Spectrum magazine. In case you're not familiar with either Nixie tubes or the DCF77 time signal, you might go here (Nixies) or here (DCF77) for an introduction. 2 that is absolutely free and have a look at users' reviews on Droid Informer. com. Nixie Clocks & Kits! Thank you for coming! My name is Peter Jensen, and this site features the nixie tube clocks that I design and build by hand. Alarm Digital Clocks & Clock Radios. This design is my take on the classic Nixie-Clock. Extremely attractive, ideal for experimenters thanks to solder attachment. This is the revised schematic of my 6 digit Nixie Clock Here are some photos of my Nixie Clock plugged in and working. pdf /Projects/Warm Tube Clock v1 - Nixie Clock. This retro styled tube clock is made using actual nixie tubes that were prevalent during the Cold War Era and are guaranteed to be at least 30 years old. Send me an email for details. Economy Shipping can be very slow and unreliable. 4 IO lines are all that are needed to select one-of-10 nixie cathodes, while 3 IO lines can select one-of-six nixie anodes. They were used for displaying all kinds of information in electronic equipment but have long been replaced by the modern LCD display, but that didn’t stop the folks at NixieClock from creating this incredible desktop clock. Rather, I am a simple enthusiast attempting to convey my love and enjoyment of radio, electronics, and computing and perhaps to inspire YOU to build something too. We usually have two clocks, one displays GMT and the other local time in 24 hour military format. Scott's Nixie Tube Clock is a clock for your windows desktop that displays the time using really cool old displays, like nixie tubes and vacuum fluorescent displays (VFD). The IN-14 / IN-8-2 / IN-8 / IN-12. The clock is one of the oldest human inventions, meeting the need to measure intervals of time shorter than the natural units: the day, the lunar month, and the year. B-5870 Nixie tube. It took me about 6 hours to design, cut, and re-cut parts until I had something I was happy with. Mike posted some valuable information on nixie tube use. Nixie Tube Clock by Klok Modern Vintage Nixie Tubes from the USSR are reclaimed after 30-60 years in Russian warehouses by Industrial Designer, Mike Mayberry and his company, Klok Modern. My best looking Nixie clock is the Commemorative Nixie Tube Clock made by Jeff Thomas (Nixie Tube Digital Clocks and Nixie Wristwatch). This Nixie Tube Clock kit is developed by Elektor a European company that publishes the Elektor magazine. You may not be able to find exactly what you want in stores, but you could always build your own smart radio. Prices subject to change! Send me email! The Zen Nixie Tube Clock comes with an easy to use online interface to connect the clock to WiFi for accuracy and a host of other custom options from LED under lighting colors to tube brightness. In contrast to most other nixie-clocks being built these days, my clock does not use any transistor or IC for driving the tubes. 95 Here you will find all the information you'll need to build a DCF77 radio controlled Nixie clock. Although antique-radio purists might object, I thought this could be a good chassis for my nixies (tubes on top). Side view, medium digit NIXIE tubes, can be soldered to PCB, includes bottom spacer/insulator and 6 long flying leads, has only + (plus) and - (minus) signs, great for a clock heartbeat signal. The cathodes are numeral shaped wire. V's and radios for family and friends. VINTAGE RUSSIAN USSR SOVIET AM LW PORTABLE RADIO SELGA 405. Wow! This is amazing for a 10 year old! I built a TTL logic driven nixie clock (from scratch) in 1970 as a college project and it ran for 35 years before it fell victim to a fire. It turns out that CR9 on the first nixie tube module had opened up. Talk:Nixie tube This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Nixie tube article. Nixie tube clock idea. Use Nixie tubes for the alarm clock display: technically, it is a bit of an anachronism in a radio from the thirties, but it blends well with the visual style of the radio. The day it fell of the bench and broke for good was a sad day indeed. Set of 6 Pcs In-14 Model Nixie Tubes. This is a simple to build kit based on Arduino (Atmel ATMega micro controller), packed full of features and able to drive any combination of 6 tubes. It is the same as the "All-In-One" clock, but the tubes are mounted on removable tube holder boards. Sanyo Clock radio repair. I redrew it in a more logical order here. Would recommend if you love the old Nixie tube aesthetic. Not this one. You can make it from all material you'd always wanted to build a clock from. He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever. V's and radios for family and friends. Set of 6 pcs nixie tubes Z573M. Specification: Size of the The characters: 13 mm high Color of the characters is orange. So I made my own desktop clock. The Smart Nixie Tube is the most open source, flexible Nixie Tube display in the world. I bought all the goodies to make a nice Nixie clock from Taylor Electronics, but I didn't have a nice case for it. com/ART-ARTIFACT-Radio-Alarm-Clock/dp/B0797LVZM4Buy ART & ARTIFACT Radio Tube Alarm Clock - Modern Vintage Look - LED Digital Nixie Tube Clock Jova IN4 - Walnut [Makenology] Loft Living Style. End-view tubes are significantly less common and I have never seen a clock that has sixteen tubes (GN4 by ITT). Thomas Gebert liked Strandbeest. Elekit TU-H82 Hybrid Tube Amp Kit; Model 16LS Stereo Integrated Tube Amplifier; Model 8LS Stereo Integrated Tube Amplifier; Model 16LM Mono Integrated Tube Amplifier; Model K12G Stereo Tube Amplifier Kit; Model 8LM Mono Integrated Tube Amplifier; Model K11G Monobloc Tube Amplifier Kit; Model TL Stereo Tube Tone Control; Model PL Stereo Tube I just finished building this IN-16 nixie clock kit, and I thought I followed the instructions perfectly. Accurate Nixie Tube Clock. It is never too late to find the perfect clock to complement your home. What are Nixie Tubes? They are a Cold Cathode Display Tube harkening back to the Cold War. cuckoo clock disappointment. Cheap nixie tube clock5 (100%) 6 votes I usually get letters with the request to make cheap nixie tube clocks. Encouraged by our friends’ feedback and followed by our customers’ reactions, we decided to push this adventure of the Nixie Clock even further. My favorite Nixie tube memory is the atomic bomb in the movie "Goldfinger", counting down towards explosion at Fort Knox. Being Dutch and thus loving Phillips I settled on an old 1953 tube radio. For Nixie clock examples check out the gallery by Mike. Some predecessors to the modern clock may be considered as "clocks" that are The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the national association for amateur radio, connecting hams around the U. Economy Electronics -- Tubes. In the midst of the all my computer chaos I’ve also started another project – building a Nixie Tube Clock kit. Nixie Tube Clock Characteristics This clock includes old Nixie Tubes for displaying time and date and each indicator can display Introduction. Photographic-quality semi-transparent backgrounds are used so that the clock blends in with you windows desktop perfectly! VFD Clock Pointer Clock NIXIE TUBE ERA Aluminum Case USB Powered Analog-style Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab Hi, I've been interested in nixie tubes for quite a while and I think they look really nice. Repairing clock radio. Nixie tube clock: display flickering, buzzer crackling. $89. Fortunately, not all nixie tube clocks are implemented the same. Unique on the market! Key features: New 8 digits Nixie Clock/Counter is on the market ! Fully assembled and tested Nixie Clock Eight 18mm high digits (IN-12 Russian Nixie Tubes) Displays Time, 2 Alarm clock sets, Date and 8 digits Data Accepts digits and several commands ASCII codes Accurate & calibrated time clock source from internal crystal Integrated 2 Alarm Nixie Tube - $179. Shipping world-wide from Johannesburg, South Africa. Will be shipped fast by Air Mail International priority mail. This site was designed with the {Wix} website builder. The limited edition Nixie Tube clock set includes four nixie tubes, which used to be the "LEDs" of yesteryear. It is fully programmable using the unmodified Arduino IDE, and appears as an Arduino Uno running at 16MHz/5V. This version uses an Arduino Pro-Mini, a Real-Time Clock, and a Temperature Sensor. On one hand they were obviously a product from the radio tube area, and on the other hand they were used to display To me, it's fascinating to compare this digital clock to modern types made nowadays. No matter what you’re looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. QTC takes a new path for Nixie Clocks for mid-sized solder-in tubes. D. Alternatively, it could be a clear plastic box with the circuit board and the tubes inside. Millclock in-14 nixie tube clock assembled acrylic. The design uses discrete 4000 series CMOS logic. Shop ThinkGeek's selection of wall clocks, alarm clocks, LED clocks, nixie tube clocks. When it was built, the novelty wasn't that it was a Nixie tube clock, but that it used an electronic-digital display rather than an analog or mechanical-digital type. Vacuum fluorescent display - multi-digit VFD TUBE in flat glass design with directly heated cathode. I've been working through this schematic for a Nixie Clock and I'm having a hard time understanding how the power supply (for the nixie tubes, not the digital logic) works. amazon. The simplest way for an electronic clock to keep time is to count cycles of house current, and that’s what many Nixie-tube clocks do. Nixie Tube Clock Ideas Mantle Clock Arduino Projects Vacuum Tube Tech Toys High Contrast Ham Radio Vacuums Clock Clocks Vacuum Cleaners Forward The VFD Modular Clock is a clock based on old-fashioned VFD Display Tubes. The "Circle of Sound" sets are long gone now -- sold off to make room for more vintage tube radios. After my first steps with MCUs, I decided to build a clock just for fun. single tube clock in a heavy cold rolled steel case designed and built by Minneapolis Architect Ben Awes. It’s the largest Nixie clock currently available on the market with digits 50mm in height. Steampunk CRT Nixie Clocks Custom Cathode Ray Tube Clocks. Vacuum tubes, sockets, capacitors, nixie and electron tube accessories. Modular Nixie Clock IN-14 tubes. So I worked on new design for the clock, that takes much less time and materials. We started to create our clocks from the passion to combine old display technology with the woodworking art. DreamSky Compact Digital Alarm Clock with USB Port for Charging, Adjustable Brightness Dimmer, Bold Digit Display, 12/24Hr, Snooze, Adjustable Alarm Volume, Small Desk Bedroom Bedside Clocks, RedWorld Tube Audio - Hifi Diskont!Musik hören in hoher Qualität sollte für jeden möglich sein, unabhängig vom Einkommen. nixie tube clock radioA Nixie Tube Clock featuring Pandora Internet Radio, based on the Raspberry Pi with a custom designed case, LCD display, WiFi connection, amplifier and Jul 13, 2015 Pandora's Clock is a Nixie tube clock radio with a Raspberry Pi powered internet WiFi radio through Pandora. This section will show you how to build this clock : PIC16F84 microcontrollerVACUUM TUBES FOR VACUUM TUBE DATA AND THEORY - CLICK HERE D & C Electronics--- World Wide Distributor Of Tubes. Same reason for the Nixie Clock: a custom-made case, antique looking glass tubes somewhere in it or placed on top - a wide variety of possibly creative, unusual designs. It looks like a vacuum tube but functions more like a neon lamp. Around February 1997 I was surfing the web and I found out there was an antique radio club in my neighborhood. Yes, it's true, you used to be able to purchase nixie tubes at your local Radio Shack. This Nixie clock has been my first real hardware and AVR project. MORE HOMEBREW PROJECTS . Alarm Clocks & Clock Radios. This is the most unique clock radio you will ever find! Find great deals on eBay for nixie tube clock. Nixie Tube Clock Custom PCB for Nixie Clock Nixie Clock Project Parts Lessons Learned This was my very first circuit board design and the only help I had was my research. This is not a forum for general discussion of the article's subject. 4 Digit IN-17 Nixie Tube Clock Kit: 06. But since then I've built quite a few nixie clocks, some from kits and some from scratch. Each one is made in the United States and can be shipped with power supplies that suit mains electricity in almost any country, including Canada, the USA, Australia, the UK and the EU. Lars / Lena and Leon are Nixie clock kits all based on the same mainboard and only differ by the enclosure and the Nixie tube types. Peter helped me with the dual anode circuit modification, Thanks! Dear glass, wood, and light lovers. The case is designed in a minimalistic way, combining simple aluminum stand and a glass cover – just like a museum vitrine. This was never a problem for my Nixie clock back in the day, where every tube had it's own driver, but perhaps when multiplexing the Nixie drive at speed it is. 7405368403. Nixie Tube Clock Kits. This exact tube are NEW, unused, from old stock. Re-Hacked Nixie Clock A few months ago we went through a bit of a cleaning frenzy at work and I found myself carrying this to the dumpster: That is the main circuit board from a NCI model 5775 DigiFlex industrial scale indicator, made sometime around 1975. A Nixie Tube Clock featuring Pandora Internet Radio, based on the Raspberry Pi with a custom designed case, LCD display, WiFi connection, amplifier and speakers. The tubes are the ever popular Z5680 Nixies by RFT. 6 Digit Nixie Tube Clock Controller Chip: 02. My overall intention for the Nixie clock would be to house it in a wooden enclosure so I installed remote switches for the clock controls as well as a remote power jack (shown later). Cronixie - The eye-catching edge-lit clock kit that inspired the LIXIE - Duration: 23:02. Find great deals on eBay for nixie tube and nixie tube clock. A nixie tube is a cold-cathode low-pressure vacuum tube that lights a series of digit filaments surrounded by neon gas. "chronotronix Nixie tube clock- in short, hot clock. It helped me to set a lower price for my wooden nixie clocks. Selected category All. 50 Mhz Preamp - Uses a TV Tuner By VK3CJS. remote-tube nixie tube clock kit. We ( DIY electronics people ) like to put our own spin on things. 27. The World's First Nixie Tube Clock which is synchronized by an (S)NTP Time ServerFans of Nixie Tubes love Nixie Tube Clocks, because they are a perfect way of presenting these Fifties and Sixties style display elements in a decorative way. net. It can drive 6 nixie tubes, and an optional dekatron. PVE Electronics #1 in Nixie Clocks! The Nixie tube used is a National NL-5441a. I've always been a tube fan. At that price, a complete 6-digit clock would cost nearly $8,000 just for the tubes - and that's without the electronics or any spare tubes! Find great deals on eBay for nixie tube clocks. 1. You searched for: nixie tube clock! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. The first really serious electronics project I ever built was a tube superhet short-wave radio. 1 - AC adaptor for your specific country (CAN/US, EU, UK or AUS), 1 - Set of Print Instructions For Operation. 7. DescriptionFind great deals on eBay for nixie tube clock. Devices that once would have been used for nefarious purposes are now used for pleasure and fluffy niceness. com The nixie tube is a vintage display device which had been used until 70s when it was replaced with LED displays. Good boy. What’s cooler than a Nixie Tube Clock? Maybe one that also has a WiFi-enabled Pandora radio. seligmann wrote a comment on Radio controlled Nixie Clock. Pre-programmed high-tech microcontroller has many of the features most requested in a nixie clock. 000 user manuals and view them online in . VFD-Tube Clock with ESP32 DevKit-C with an accurate Internet-derived time Full kit, acryl case included Clocks built using vintage components are currently very popular. In fact, look around at all the schematics for nixie clocks, and you will realize there are more permutations in methodology than there are models of nixie …Nixie tube clocks, radio conversions, all the retrofit stuff. Mike's Electric Stuff website has an extensive gallery of clocks built by enthusiasts. Itoma Cks3301s Alarm Clock Radio Am Fm Dual Alarm Indoor Temperature Dimmer Cont. The size is a standard 19" rack mount width, 10" in depth and 7" in height. An idea that I have for a project is to use my Arduino to measure the frequency and volume of a disassembled clock radio and then display the station and volume using Nixies and LED's. To be sure, this clock does not use remote radio, NTP, or GPS to set itself automatically. How to build a DCF77 PIC LED CLOCK. However: the Nixie Clock described here is Just A Clock. Includes nixie, aluminum frame and 11 pin male plug. Several web sites have detailed the use of these tubes in clock projects. Each Zen Nixie Clock comes with a comprehensive 10-year product warranty. I am using LC-516 lamps, that I've got from the auction long time ago. The "cold" bit means it does not rely on thermal energy to make the cathodes glow. Also Buys New Ceramic Tubes And Rebuildable Ceramic Tube Duds. Nixie tubes lie at the heart of each Nixie Tube Clock and also give it its name. Find nixie tube Stock Images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations, and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thanks to the 18 mm digit size (Z570M = 15 mm), they are easy to read even from higher distances. Devices operating on several physical processes have been used over the millennia. All of our Steam Punk CRT clocks are hand made to the highest standards and apart from the electronics can be considered unique as each one will differ from previous ones in small degrees. A web site dedicated to precise Time & Frequencyone man's quest for the most accurate clockOverview. I crammed the circuity in a small space in this 8 pound clock ! The black device on the right is a DC-DC Converter available here Nixietubes DC power comes from a 12 volt "wall wart" Another Burroughs B-7971 device, not just a clock ! Rare xUSSR made Nixie Tube IN-18 is very popular legendary tube. This is the only one built. The circuit for this Nixie clock is more or less what you would expect for a neon display project designed in the last few years. The average user rating of this application is 3. Great for making Nixie Clock devices. A small electrical current is then passed through the tube, lighting the digit filament. I will just limit the current going through the nixie tube with a resistor, gonna make it simple and easy to control but will have to see The nixie is a vertical-mount, front-reading IN-14 russian tube (thanks Alex !), very convenient for prototyping because of its long solderable pins. com/youtube?q=nixie+tube+clock+radio&v=4jEK_ZX8WWY Dec 13, 2016 Homemade retro radio with nixie tube display. from zero to 24 hours. A “Nixie tube” is a generalized term for a cold-cathode neon indicator tube which was popularized by the Burroughs Corporation in 1956. PCB layout – PCB notes – Schematic – C code: V1 – Compiled HEX: V1 nixie power supply using 555 timer? – seems pretty interesting. Nixie Tube #GraphicRiver Professionally designed and highly detailed Nixie tube. Tobias has updated details to Nixie Tube Clock. - eHam